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Andy Straw

Photography of staff member Andy StrawAndy started his photographic career when his dad bought him a (pretty nasty) 110mm film camera as a reward for learning his times tables. Andy used this to take several blurry pictures of the subjects he found interesting at that time in his life – mostly landscapes, farm animals and his family.

As Andy started to enjoy his photography he began to upgrade his equipment and moved on to a mixture of film SLR cameras and some of the early digital cameras – the first of which produced an incredible 0.3 megapixels! (Cameras these days are well over 10MP).

Andy studied computer science at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he met his wife, Alys. After leaving university, Andy went on to persue his ICT career, specialising in digital imaging and print. When Alys launched Alys Griffiths Photography in 2006, Andy became her natural choice as a second photographer, prompting him to step up as a part time professional photographer, while continuing with his ICT work.

Andy’s role within Alys Griffiths Photography now includes management of commercial and fashion photography as well as the “Hound ‘Tog” specialist dog photography brand. Andy also photographs at weddings and events, and occasionally on portrait sessions.

With his ICT background, Andy is the person to answer and technical questions you may have – especially on Canon equipment and the revolutionary Fujifilm X-Series system which Andy uses on a daily basis.