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Alys Straw

Alys Straw

Alys has loved photography from a young age. When she was little she used to “borrow” her dad’s camera without asking, leaving him with some surprises when he got his films developed! Aged 16, Alys signed up for some leisure courses in photography, and began to get serious about it. This led to Alys heading off to the University of Wales, Aberystwyth to study Fine Art. Throughout her course Alys studied painting, print making and illustration, but always specialised as a photographer.¬†Alys completed her BA Fine Art in 2006 and graduated with a 2:1.

During her time at university Alys met Andy Straw – a computer science student with a love of photography. She later went on to marry him in 2010.

Following on from her course, Alys took a job at Jessops, and quickly became both their lab manager and a “sales expert” on DSLR cameras. At the same time, Alys started work on her own photography business, Alys Griffiths Photography. Alys specialises in wedding and portrait photography.

If you’ve got questions about anything to do with planning and composing your photographs for the best visual impact, then Alys is the one to ask.