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Travels with my Camera – part 2

Thanks to Andy for posting the first part of this series. I actually went on holiday to Turkey the day I wrote that blog, so I had very little time. It would seem from the number of views that people might have found it useful – I hope so anyway!  Travel photography is a favourite pastime for me and I look forward to continuing this series.

The picture below is of the equipment I took with me on holiday to Turkey.  With a camera bag and a small laptop, the total weight was 5kg – nearly the 6kg weight limit of my carry-on baggage.  It was enough for travel photography where most of the photography was landscapes and general tourist shots.

holiday kit-27165

My cameras are a Nikon D700 and a Fuji XT-1.  I took the Fuji with me because that kit is much lighter than the Nikon yet the quality of the images is at least as good in most circumstances.

The two lenses I took with me were an 18-55mm standard zoom and a 55-200mm long zoom.  To accompany these lenses I took a polarising filter for the long zoom, a neutral density filter also for the long zoom and a very small flash that comes as standard with the XT-1. I always carry a number of spare SD cards with me.

Compact System Cameras (CSCs) like the Fuji tend to be very heavy on batteries, so I took two spare batteries to make sure that I didn’t run out during a day.  At worst I used two of the three batteries in a single day, so I was fine.  The battery charger was one of the first things that was plugged in when we got to the hotel in the evening though! My wife also shots with a Fuji that conveniently uses the same batteries and, in total, we had six batteries and two chargers between us.  Without a charged battery, modern cameras are just expensive junk!  The battery chargers are very light and robust and were packed in our main suitcases.

That is a decent travel photography kit. You can add other lenses, perhaps a small torch to help see your kit when taking sunrises or sunsets and a small tripod but what I’ve described will be enough for most people.

Which lens was most useful? Definitely the 18-55mm standard zoom. During the seven days we were away I took just under 500 images, which is not much for me, and the vast majority (80-90 %) of those were taken with the 18-55mm lens.  It’s not called a standard zoom for nothing! At the 18mm end of the zoom range you can take a reasonably wide view of a landscape and at the 55mm end you can take a reasonable close up. The 55-200mm lens enables one to get close to fairly distant objects but that is not needed so often on many holidays.  Every time I used the 55-200mm lens it had the polarising filter on it.  The weather was bright enough to justify that.

I mentioned that I didn’t take many pictures for me.  That was not due to a shortage of opportunities but rather a reflection of how easy it is to take pictures with the Fuji. Picking out a favourite or two to put in this blog is difficult! However, I’ve chosen two that appeal to me at least.

The aim of the holiday was to visit a number of ancient cities in the west of Turkey and so most of the pictures I took are of ruined temples.  Some of the places blew me away and I’ve picked one from the remains of Pergamon – reconstructed columns of the Temple of Trajan

_DSF0631-2 Trajan Temple

The second is of the Sanctuary of Athena at Priene nestled under the lovely Mount Mykale.

_DSF0816-3 Priene

See you next time, when I will describe how to take sunset and sunrise images.

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  1. When I travel I’ll always have my camera in my carry on luggage just as David does, but thing like tripods and other nonessential accessories are usually stowed away in my hold baggage. Once the camera kit is packed I’ll use any leftover baggage allowance for clothes 😉

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